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So dating in SL has in me in the struggle zone. I have never met such a batch of strange encounters and experiences as I have in the sl dating scene. Some men are really testy, and quick to jump all in. Others are great until you cross an area of conversation that quickly becomes a conflict, most of the time because you have brought up something that exposes an insecurity. Most men on sl do not know how to properly communicate THROUGH things and a big dealbreaker for me is men who hit a wall, and just log off. Who the eff is that immature that you just log off? Its like you’re hanging up a phone call, real mature pal… lol. Real men deal with their issues and talk through it. Mature men finish what they start. Anyway… if you are one of the guys listed in the description above, lets NOT. Lets not and say we didnt. Ill work on pursuing men who are willing to be men. 


Anyway enough of that rant. This week I am rockin this awesome shirt from American Bazaar, The Thug Shirt. It comes in a variety of styles and prints, this one I picked “Psycho” because it suited the mood I was in, in creating this post. Ive paired it with my goto jeans from NotSoBad and some new hair from Speakeasy called Rav. Sometimes the simplicity of an outfit is best. I endeavor to make posts that are wearable to the everyday guy. Enjoy todays look.


Todays Styling Details:


Hair || SPEAKEASY || Rav Hair – Black

Necklace || MANDALA || Uzumaki Necklace (comes with Ring, not pictured)

Shirt || AMERICAN BAZAAR || Thug Shirt – Psycho

Watch || MANDALA || Kotowari Watch – Formal

Jeans || NOT SO BAD || Ilan Bootcut Jeans –  Dirty

Shoes || 2REAL || Stackz

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Xion 3


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