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About Azarias James

About Azarias James

Azarias James Sandoval, AJ, is an avid photographer, stylist, and blogger for the Secondlife virtual reality platform since 2009. His previous works (under a former avatar) have been featured in magazines, ads, and promotions throughout the grid. Azarias brings his second blog to the mens fashion industry.


His first blog, aboutthatfashionlife.com reached more than 8,000 unique viewers . After a year hiatus from secondlife he is back with a new site and a new perspective for his mens fashion blog.


Azariasjamesstyle.com features highly detailed, relevant mens virtual fashion styles with a simple styled layout. Blog readers can browse through the feed or find specific outfit styles categorized by genre or specific designer.


All clothing items styled will be as they are, No clothing will be edited or skewed to alter its reality. Photos will be edited minimally to provide an accurate representation the clothing.

Azarias James Styles with these mesh bodies:


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